3 Qualities to Check in Your Next Stillage Cages

Posted on Dec 22 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Standard logistics wire mash crate of steelA stillage cage is fast becoming an essential storage solution for both large and small warehouses. However, before you make your order, you will want first to consider the following three factors.


The various stillages range from the steel, mesh-sided and roll stillages to pallet and post-pallet converters. These latter two are fast attracting everyday use for their high flexibility.

Unlike the roll and mesh-sides stillages, the cage-pallet types are collapsible and still extremely strong to offer sufficient protection to the stored items.

You will find this collapsibility feature of stillages to be very useful, especially if you want to save some ground space in your warehouse that compact storage solutions would have otherwise occupied.


Most stillage cages are of steel. However, that is not enough to check when considering to purchase these storage solutions. It is necessary that you confirm from their manufacturer or supplier whether the metal stillages you are planning to buy are of galvanised steel.

Doing so will save you from the trouble of having to deal with rusted stillages or explaining to your clients why their products have rust stains. You do not want to lose a potential, returning customer to such an avoidable issue.


If you do not have a lot of ground space that you can organise your stillages to cover the entire area, it is crucial that you consider whether the stillage you are planning to purchase is stackable. You will realise that you have plenty of vertical space to cover, probably, even more than you would need.

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So, inquire from the manufacturer or supplier that you are working with whether they have a unique design of stillages that you can stack on each other.

If you have considered the above three qualities, you are set to purchase your next storage solution – stillage cages. Save your space and make it safe.