4 Ways to Make Storage Tanks Last Longer

Posted on Oct 20 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

a repair man climbing a storage tankStorage tanks are a useful tool for companies and individuals to have easy access to liquids like gasoline and oil. These pressure vessels will be able to store these things for a long time. But, there are also factors that may negatively affect the length of the lifetime of the storage tank.

The following tips will be able to increase the longevity of the storage tanks that are being used:

Have the storage tank inspected

If you want to detect leaks and other issues that a storage tank may have while still early, it may be best to have an API 653 tank inspection. Damages to the storage tank may be avoided right away, or if there is a need for it to be replaced, an inspector may be able to recommend having it done immediately.

Paint the tanks with rust-inhibiting varieties

Storage tanks are made out of metal, so it is only normal for them to have rusted on both the surface and the interiors. Thankfully, there are paint varieties that can be used for metal surfaces that can prevent rust from forming. This can be done with spray paint and even a paintbrush job.

Protect oil tanks from water

If an oil storage tank is exposed always to water, there is a bigger possibility of rusts and other damages happening. You may want to install snow covers and water protective covering so that the exposure to water will be limited.

Install oil leak detectors

Leaks can be scary. Thankfully, oil leak detectors can signal that this is happening as early as possible.

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Extending the life of the storage tanks that are being used for your home or company makes sense financially. Storage tanks can be quite expensive after all so their use should be as maximized as possible.