An Essential Shortlist for Eco-friendly Home Design Improvements

Posted on Oct 20 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

modern eco-friendly houseOver the last decade, green architecture has been a relevant concept of home and building designs as a whole. With the rise of fuel prices and climate change factors, it’s only right for you to consider these useful ecological upgrades. Your home can become a property that helps Mother Nature if you install the following innovative ideas:

Temperature Control

Regulating the temperature of your residence isn’t only for additional comfort. It also helps sustain the surroundings’ conditions. Instead of filling your home with air conditioners or heaters, you can opt to insulate your home properly while fixing your windows and orientation in relation to the sun’s path. Complicated? Think about this: If you can use the sun’s warmth to maximize light, then you can reduce your electric bill. The same could be said about wind direction.

Furniture and Furnishings

There are many eco-friendly pieces of furniture made from sustainable products such as teak wood, abaca, and bamboo. Authentic Provence suggests using recycled or reclaimed materials to make these pieces of furniture. You can also buy refurbished or recycled furniture such as antique fireplace surrounds or vintage chandeliers. Patronizing products such as these does not only save the Earth, but they are also more affordable than their brand-new counterparts.

Eco-friendly Electronics

Studies show that LED lights can offer you more than 70% energy consumption compared to regular light bulbs. Not only are these lighting fixtures eco-friendly, but they also save you from skyrocketing utility payments. Moreover, these LED lights can shine brighter than incandescent fixtures. Residences nowadays purchase solar panels to manage their daytime electrical usage. Sure, it’s a one-time but big-time improvement project, but it will save you a huge amount of money in the long run.

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Improving your home comes naturally to responsible homeowners. However, it’s essential to consider how you can maximize your upgrades while minimizing your bills. Go and choose eco-friendly design options so that you can beautify your home while enjoying the reduced utility payments and your improvement’s more affordable prices.