Creative Ways to Extend a Small Indoor Space

Posted on Aug 7 2018 - 7:24am by Admin

a man moving a sofaIf you live in the city where every square foot comes at a premium price, it’s no surprise that most apartments and homes are small and cramped. If you find yourself living in a small home and you think it’s just not for you, don’t pack up and leave just yet. Try out these tips and tricks to make your small space work.

Add More Floor Space by Extending into the Backyard

If you have a backyard by your kitchen, consider extending your living or dining space outdoors. Create a bigger entryway to the backyard and use sliding doors. Replace your full-sized dining table with a small breakfast nook and transfer your dining table and chairs outside to enjoy al fresco dining. Install a fabric structure or an awning to provide shade during the day. If possible and appropriate, install floor tiles that match the inside so that the extension looks like it was planned.

Plan for a Cohesive Space

Before moving furniture in, use the same materials and colour palettes throughout the space, so it flows from one area to another more readily instead of feeling cut-off. But when styling the home with furniture and accessories, you can define each space by using a monochromatic colour theme in each section. This strategy allows for a better visual flow, but provides definition and purpose for each section with the use of the colours through the furniture and accessories.

Furniture: Full but Less

In furnishing a small space, resist the urge to bring in smaller furniture. Most people intuitively think that small space equals small furniture, but the outcome is a cramped and cluttered doll house look. Instead, use full-size furniture but less. For example, don’t bring in a small eight-seater dining table set. Select a bigger four or even six-seater dining set instead. This will give your space a grander, less cluttered appearance.

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Before you pack up and give up on your small living space, try out these clever tips to make the best out of the situation and make the most out of a small space.