Easy Ways to Protect Your Diamond Ring

Posted on Oct 14 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

Maintaining diamondsIf you are not accustomed to wearing diamond rings, you might have questions concerning how to protect yours. Seeking help would be a wise decision. Gem dealers in Salt Lake City like AAA Jewelers give their clients tips for safeguarding their beautiful jewelry. Here are practical ways to protect your valuable investments:

Know When to Wear It

Wearing your ring every day is not ideal. If you expose the ring to dust and other pollutants, you might damage it. It is true that diamonds are hard stones. However, they have limits. Exposure to such pollutants will also dull the stone’s natural shine. This is because a dirt coat will prevent the gem from reflecting light appropriately.

Clean It Safely

If your ring is dull, you can always clean it. However, you should be careful to use a safe cleaning approach. It is advisable to wash it using warm water, mild soap, and a lint-free cloth. Abrasive household cleaners can remove dirt, but they will erode the ring. Stay away from ultrasonic cleaners. It is advisable to entrust cleaning to a professional.

Check the Prongs Regularly

The prongs are likely to become loose depending on the amount of abuse your ring undergoes. Regularly checking them will ensure that the stone does not fall off. If you notice that some prongs are shorter than the rest, you should contact an expert immediately. It is important to shake the ring carefully as you listen for any sound. If there is any, you should have it tightened.

Protecting your ring involves a lot more than maintaining it properly. You have to defend it against theft. Having a laser inscription applied would be a wise decision. It is also essential to appraise it.

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