Improve Your SEO Ranks With 2 Incredibly Simple Moves

Posted on Oct 14 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

Man searching the web about SEOAs more people wise up to the benefits of topping the search engine results pages, the competition is increasingly becoming fierce. Webmasters are sparing no efforts in clinching to the coveted position and not letting go. Being at the top entitles you to about a third of the search engine traffic. If you can turn a fraction of these visitors into buyers, it can result in a significant boost in sales.

Search engine optimazation experts at SEO Werkz in Utah share some of the simplest ways to safeguard your top spot.

Keep the site up to date

Gone are the days when you can work hard to bring your site to the top of the search engines then kick back and relax. That can work for a while but sooner rather then later you will be toppled. See, three are more than half a million sites coming live on the internet daily. The people behind these sites are hungry for success.

As such, they will spare no effort in their bid to secure the coveted top spot. You need to continually update the site and its content to resonate with evolving technology and user preferences. Otherwise, the search engines will notice the complacency and tank your ratings.

Pay attention to user experience

You need to bear in mind that the modern internet user is spoilt for choice as they have hundreds of similar sites to pick from. This freedom makes them picky and hard to please. If your site design, layout, content, or usability fails to live up to their expectations, they are quick to click away. The same case applies when you can’t provide the same level of experience across multiple devices.

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A fast loading, responsive site lets your web visitors access your content from devices with different screen sizes without ruining the experience. Again, search engines tend to favor mobile-friendly sites when returning search results, and this increases your chance of ranking at the top.

In the fast-paced world of online marketing, you can’t afford to stay still as the competition will overrun you. You need to stay current to keep up with changing trends and consumer preference.