Proven Memory Enhancing Techniques for Better Test Results

Posted on Sep 3 2018 - 8:27pm by Admin

Students taking an examAre you thinking about the SAT, ACT and other important tests that may determine your future? If so, it’s better to start early than to procrastinate. Just like what The American Academy, an online institution that offers online, homeschool programs for high schoolers, says, education is an investment with lifetime rewards. Studying, getting good grades, and earning a diploma can set you on the path to success.

One of the things you need to work on to get good grades is your memory. If you improve on the latter, you’ll easily recall the things you studied about once you take the exams. Here are some proven techniques for enhancing memory.

Get Enough Sleep

Students that procrastinate and do all-nighters often either fail or score significantly lower than others. Sleep is vital to memory retention and consolidation; these processes transform short-term memories into long-term ones. This allows you to pick information from a ‘data bank’ whenever you try to recall a formula, a word or a specific answer.

Always make it a point to have enough sleep before a test. Instead of cramming, study for the exams months before. Regular review sessions and study groups can help you recall facts better.

Exercise Your Brain with Mental Activities

The brain is like any other muscle in your body; it needs exercise to gain strength. Puzzles, Sudoku, chess and other similar activities that make you think can help improve your ability to retain information. You can also stay sharp by doing things or enrolling in programs outside of school. Learn a new language, solve math problems regularly and read books.

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Exercise Regularly

It’s not just your brain that needs a mental workout. You also need to do whole-body exercises. Regular physical activity keeps your mind sharp and ready for upcoming tests. The chemicals that sports or weightlifting produces chemicals in the brain that reduce stress and improve cognitive ability.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Studies show that too much sugar in your diet reduces the brain’s short-term memory. Drink less soda and eat fewer candies, chocolates and other sweets to improve your memory.

These are just some of the ways to boost your memory and keep your mind sharp for school tests. These can help you recall formulas, understand complex test questions, and solve math problems in the exams.