Rainwater Tank: Choices to Make

Posted on Feb 22 2018 - 9:35am by Admin

Large rain water tank in suburban backyardThe world is predominantly made up of bodies of water. However, sadly, the percentage of water that humans can safely consume is becoming scarcer due to human abuse. Therefore, alternative water sources have to be sought.

Through installing rainwater tanks, people can “harvest” rainwater and use it for various purposes instead of always relying on the water that runs through the pipelines. The good news is, it’s free! Another good news is you have the power to choose your preference. Whether you go for a slimline rainwater tank or the traditional round one you can be sure that your place will be supplied with ample water. Below are some of the things you have decided upon to make sure that you have the right rainwater tank.

Rainwater tank choices

  1. Steel or Polyethylene or Fibreglass?

One of the things you have to consider when installing a rainwater tank is the material. Three of the most popular materials are steel, polyethylene, and fibreglass. Steel tanks are known for its durability and lightweight properties making it a popular choice. Polyethylene or plastic tanks are also becoming increasingly popular as well. Unlike steel, they are more affordable and does not easily rust. Fibreglass tanks are more are also reasonably affordable, but its durability is what makes it in demand.

  1. Round or Slimline?

Gone are the days when water tanks take up huge spaces. Now, you can choose between traditional round tanks or slimline ones. Round ones are perfect for places that have ample space and those who need a huge amount of water. Slimline tanks are best for small spaces.

  1. Big or Small?
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Your tank capacity would depend on your needs. Big tanks are best for big families, and small tanks that hold a lesser amount of water are best for people who do not consume as much.

Installing rainwater tanks in your home or your business can help you reduce your water bills significantly.