Studying Abroad: Living with a Host Family

Posted on Dec 1 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Young man ready to study abroadStudying abroad can give you holistic and world-class education. It will not only help you sharpen your skills on a particular specialisation, but it will also help you become a culturally sensitive global citizen.

If you are lucky enough to be sent abroad to go to school, chances are you are going to stay with a host family. Adjusting can be quite difficult at first. Do not stress, though. There are some ways you can make things much easier. Whether you are going to study at a university in Singapore or anywhere in the world, here are some tips you may want to keep in mind.

Be open

The first thing you ought to do is manage your expectations. You are supposed to be open-minded. Otherwise, it will lead you to useless arguments, which in turn will only breed disrespect. Being open also means making your needs known. Similarly, you should be receptive to the country’s rules and culture.

Be respectful and sensitive

You live in somebody else’s home, so you must stick to their rules. Respect their protocols and act as though you are one of them. Fight the urge to bring up political or religious issues, especially if you have opposing views with theirs. Be particularly sensitive to their customs, traditions, and ways that they consider valuable.

Get to know them

Make the most of your time with your host family. If the invite you to go out, go with them. They can take you to some of the places that most tourists do not know about. You can even get valuable insights and life lessons from them. As much as you can, try their practices and eat the food they offer you lest you become disrespectful.

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Adjusting to a new lifestyle can be difficult at first, but you will pull through. If you think you cannot stand the cultural barrier, remind yourself that it is only temporary and that the experience will be good for you. Meanwhile, enjoy your stay with them.