The Differences Between Private and Independent Schools

Posted on Nov 5 2018 - 6:19pm by jc

Difference Between a Private School and an Independent SchoolSome parents feel that independent schools provide a better education to children compared to private schools. They note that independent schools offer more avenues for creativity and an overall more stimulating environment for learning.

As a result, a K-12 independent school in Raleigh, NC, for instance, has more accomplished students than a comparable public school. Statistics show that both independent and private schools have more students continuing to college.

Private vs. Independent Schools

There is some misunderstanding about independent schools and how they differ from private schools. An independent school is a private school, but not all private schools are independent schools.

Private schools are not managed by the government, and neither do they receive any funding from any government entity. These schools can be non-profit, for-profit, or run by religious entities. These can be co-ed or single-sex schools, boarding or day schools, and may or may not be religious.

Independent schools, on the other hand, are run by a board of trustees that is independent of other entities. In contrast, some private schools are part of a larger educational system like a college or a university.

Independent Management

An independent school is not managed by any larger entity. It generates funds for itself, through its own means. As an example, a parochial school is not an independent school because the parish manages the school, but a Catholic school that is not run by a parish is an independent school.

In terms of finances, private schools may get more funds from their parent institutions, while independent schools have to rely on their own tuition fees and fund-raising for their operating expenses. In general, independent schools have higher tuition than other private schools.

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Independent schools have academic and fiscal independence. They do not have any other overseeing entity, which puts up funds for them. Like other private schools, independent schools provide better quality education compared to public schools.