Top 3 Career Choices for HRM Graduates

Posted on Dec 2 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Hotel supervisor talking to his teamChoosing a course in college can be challenging, especially if the student is passionate about many things, or is unsure about what profession to pursue. It is an important decision since it will affect the rest of their lives and their career.

The first thing to do is consider what job you would like to pursue after college. One of the most popular choices is hotel management and for a good number of reasons.

There are many great career choices for graduates of hotel management courses in Singapore. Here are just some of them:

Hotel Supervisor or Manager

One of the most sought-after professions for HRM graduates is hotel management. In this capacity, they can put into work everything they learned about managing people, operations and resources in a hotel setting.

Those who are passionate about people management will find this career rewarding and fulfilling.


While further studies are required for an HRM student to become a chef, finishing a degree in hotel and restaurant management will not only look impressive on their resume but will equip them too.

Most chefs aspire to open their own restaurant someday, and having a solid background in restaurant management will prove to be crucial as an entrepreneur.

Events Coordinator

If you fancy meeting new people and organising events, then you can pursue a career in events coordination and management. This job allows you to travel and meet people from various industries, allowing you to expand your network.

This is a great option for people who enjoy socialising and travelling.

These are just a few career options should you finish a hotel and restaurant management course. When considering a career path, it is a great idea to pursue something that you are passionate about, no matter the course you took in college. Take your time in making that important life decision and try not to rush.

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