Various Employment Opportunities for Psychology Graduates

Posted on Dec 3 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Psychotherapist hard at workWhen it comes to degrees and programmes, psychology isn’t a popular choice for students. A lot of them believe that no jobs are waiting for them after they graduate. However, this is far from the truth. Just like degrees in accounting, IT, or literature, there are plenty of job opportunities to choose from after graduation. Let’s take a look at some possible jobs for psychology degree-holders.


A psychotherapist works closely with individuals, groups, or families and helps overcome various psychological problems. These can range from stress and suppressed emotions to abuse and addiction. This kind of psychologist focuses on the behaviour of people and how they deal with various issues in their lives.

You can become a psychotherapist depending on your coursework and what major you choose when you pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Social Worker

Social workers need to be exceptional when it comes to handling people who are going through a rough patch in their lives. This is why a background in psychology is essential for field workers who interact with different kinds of people.

Often, organisations send social workers to families or persons who are grieving, angry, or even violent. They must be able to see beyond these emotions and help the person solve this problem or get out his current predicament. Social workers also need to be well-adjusted; they’ll be dealing with a lot of family-related trauma as well as stories of abused women and children. They should themselves be prepared to process these kinds of scenarios.

Guidance Counsellor

A guidance counsellor is assigned to schools and universities to help students finish their studies. The counsellor helps them handle pressure, stress and even bullying. Counsellors should be good listeners as well as offer respect and patience to anyone who walks into their office. At times, they help students determine what course or career path to take.

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