4 Ways to Have a Distinct Brand Personality

Posted on Nov 9 2017 - 4:33pm by Admin

Woman working on the web design to have a brand personality on her businessIn an increasingly competitive market, it is important for businesses to have a brand personality that makes them stand out from other players. The thing is there’s no one size fits all approach on how this can be done, considering that there are different playing fields and contexts to take note of. The following tips are a few of the proven ways on how to have a strong and distinct brand personality:

Invest in good web design

In the age of the Internet, a good website is one good way for your company to stand out. The visual language that is used in the design must be consistent and memorable. It must also be user-friendly that non-techie users will not find it hard to navigate. This is why you should hire web design services offered by a reliable company in Minnesota.

Come up with a strong design system

A strong brand identity thrives in consistency. Simply because you have a good font or color doesn’t mean that you can use them together however you can. There must be coherence and consistency in everything, from social media images to video ads.

Limit the number of typefaces used

The use of multiple typefaces has long been a debate in the design community. To be safe, only use two to three typefaces. One of these must be the primary one, while the others are for a specific purpose.

Use a unique color palette

The choice of colors used in your branding is crucial as different colors exude an array of emotions and dispositions among potential customers.

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Having a distinct brand identity will help in strengthening brand recall among your potential customers. It may sound vague to you but it has a big impact on your company’s reputation and status in the market.