Do Your Really Need to Implement Regular API 653 Standard Inspections?

Posted on Oct 17 2017 - 9:56am by Admin

two oil and gas workers, large fuel storage tanks in background, blue toning conceptSimilar to your vehicle, home, or any structure, regular maintenance and inspection are crucial to prolong the lifespan of your fertilizer storage tank. By getting the services of an API 653 tank inspector, you can reduce the possibility of a disastrous tank failure and preserve safe operating settings. Heartland Tank Services further explains that you will also form a baseline for corrosion rates and tank condition as well as avert leaks into groundwater or secondary containment.

The Establishment of API 653

You might not be aware of this before, but the API 653 Standard is the equivalent for assessment of API 650 for above ground storage tanks. API 653 is grounded on the experience and knowledge of the engineering specialists in the tank industry and tank owners globally. After numerous fuel AST fiascos in the late 1980s, API 653 was formed.

Among the disasters, one of them happened in Pennsylvania where 93,000 thousand barrels filled with oil leaked. Nearly a fifth of these flowed into the Monongahela River and spilt into the Ohio River. The destruction it caused, both environmentally and economically, provoked action to avoid further damages. After the distribution in 1991, as maintenance measures for above ground oil tanks, API 653 soon turned into the global standard for AST maintenance and inspection.

The Qualifications of a Tank Inspector

Inspectors conducting formal assessments should be API 653 licensed. They would need to undergo four years of experience with storage tanks, pass a primary demanding exam, and then pass a recertification exam every six years afterwards. Every licensed inspector will get a unique certification number for they base their assessments on engineering calculations and principles. The certification procedure guarantees that inspectors are well informed about tank structural reliability.

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By upholding a continuing tank assessment schedule for both formal and routine assessments, you will achieve state AST maintenance requirements. You will even get to reduce long-term operating charges.