Essential Pointers for Setting Up an Outdoor Dance Area

Posted on Oct 19 2016 - 10:07am by Admin

Dance SpaceIt’s exciting to get a chance to dance to your heart’s content in free space. The thing is, you don’t need to be inside a dance studio to enjoy the rhythm, beat, and movement. If you are in pursuit of giving dancers and performers an area to showcase their skills, consider creating an outdoor dance area.

Dance “Floor” – Cement, stone, and other hard floors are a big no-no when practicing or performing dance moves. Your options are actually remarkably simple: use the typical indoor floor materials and bring them outside. Softwood and dance mats can be purchased in bulk and installed in strategic areas of the outside studio to give everyone a safer environment to exercise. Use top grade materials that are water and heat proof.

Exhibition Pieces – While dance and theater can be performed on a bare stage, there are times when performances have to be given a livelier set. Swings and tall bars can all be used by a creative dance troupe. Trampolines, on the other hand, are much easier to install outside than inside, says If you do want these items in your space, use earth and grass or sand as your flooring.

Tents – Why would you want to put in tents when you’ve decided to go outside? To avoid the sun and rain, that’s why. Use tents with collapsible walls and leave the roof on. Your performers can cool down and stay dry while allowing them to view the dancers rehearsing on the outdoor areas. Larger tents can even be your stage during performance nights. Choose models that you can set up and take down with ease, even by your dancers.

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Dance, like theater and other kinetic arts, is a medium that requires practice and self-discipline. Having it in an open area can encourage others to join in while allowing your performers a chance to practice with more confidence in front of an audience. It is exercise and art that benefits everyone beyond just fitness and training.