How Much Does Long-Distance Relocation to Houston Cost?

Posted on Sep 21 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

a family in their new homeIt costs at least $800 to move into a new home in Houston, but take note that this can only be for hiring a truck for your personal belongings.

Long-distance moving and packing companies might also charge differently depending on where you currently live in the U.S. If you’ll be moving from the east coast, rates will be more expensive compared to someone relocates from states that are nearby Houston.

Planning a Move

Houston’s housing market should be among the primary things that you should consider before planning a move. Real estate taxes in the city are mostly the same, and the state doesn’t impose a state income tax. However, property taxes in the city could be quite expensive.

Potential interstate migrants should also review the cost of living in Houston, where it could be more or less expensive than in Los Angeles or New York. Once you decide where to stay, the next thing to do is to estimate a budget.

Estimated Expenses

The national average for a cross-country relocation in the U.S. for 2018 costs $3,167, but the usual price ranges between $1,544 and $4,822. Some homeowners might even pay up to $8,900 for large-scale relocation.

Since moving into a new home takes time, it’s ideal to set aside at least eight weeks for planning the transfer. Call your moving company at least five weeks before the moving day, and empty your refrigerator one day before your scheduled move.

When choosing a long-distance moving company, ask for price quotes from at least three different service providers to have a fair idea of reasonable rates. Remember that some companies only offer moving services, while others have packing and storage solutions aside from long-distance relocation.

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