How to Design a CTA Button that Visitors Will Click On

Posted on Oct 20 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Call to action written on a chalkboardYour CTA or call-to-action button is among the most vital elements on your web page. It is the last point of interaction between your page and the user, as well as the final chance to try and convert visitors. Apply these best practices to your CTA button design will help boost your chances of getting visitors to notice and click on them.

  • Click-ability – Essentially, make certain that your button looks like a button so that visitors won’t mistake it as a design element on your web page. Give it some upscale 3D effect and further increase the element of interaction by giving it a rollover state in which the depth or color changes when a user hovers their mouse over it.
  • Contrast – Use contrasting hues to make your CTA button pop out. Select a color that would help make it stand out instead of the color that you want to use.
  • Size – You have to go big, but not too big, or you risk your visitors leaving your website.
  • The Copy – Your call-to-action copy is extremely crucial and must clearly describe what would happen when a user clicks on it. For example, “Request a Free Consultation” or “Download our Free e-Book”. Refrain from using the generic “Click Here Now” or “Submit” as these don’t describe what would happen after clicking on the button, suggests a top PPC specialist in Denver.
  • Directional Cues – Make your CTA button stand out more by actually pointing to it to guide prospective clients what they should click on.
  • Supporting Details – A short, yet detailed copy would support and clarify your button’s purpose and enable you to keep the CTA copy brief. This support text should be in a smaller font and placed below or inside the CTA button.
  • FOMO – If your offer has a quantity or time limitation, make sure to reinstate it rights beside your CTA buttons to reinforce FOMO or “fear of missing out”. Consider using “While Supplies Last” or “Valid Until Tomorrow”, or something similar.
  • White Space – In general, make sure your CTA button has ample breathing room so that users could easily spot it.
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Remember, your call-to-action button is like a virtual handshake agreement between prospective clients and your business. That being said, greet your prospects properly so that they convert and do what you want them to do, but make sure that you deliver on your promise.