How to Get Rid of Moss and Moulds from Home

Posted on Apr 19 2017 - 3:09am by Admin

Mould Problem Around a WindowHave you ever looked at some parts of the house and seen some green stuff forming, especially on the walls? Well, that is probably mould, moss, or even mildew. Experts from Pure Services say that they are very dangerous to the health of the people around as well as the landscape if they form outside. You will need to use professionals who will be able to clean them away and ensure they will not recur anytime. There are professional cleaning services located in Dunedin that are able to tackle these cases in the right manner.

Required materials

There are several detergents which will be used in getting rid of these moulds. The main requirements are as follows:

  • Water: solvent to be used
  • White vinegar: acts like the bleach to be used
  • Scrub: a brush with firm bristles would do

Always ensure that after pouring the mixture of water and vinegar on the surface, you let it sit on the affected area for some time. This is meant to kill the moulds and the mildew. Once you ought to scrub the surface and ensure you pour enough water to maintain it well cleaned.

  • In order to prevent further growth, you have to be keen on a number of things
  • Keep the area very dry. This is because moulds love dampness and darkness.

In case it is inside the house, ensure that you open the windows and doors to allow in fresh air for a good duration of time. In the case that the moulds have attacked the curtains, you may need to consult with a professional before using the bleach to avoid discolouring them.

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Recurring Problem

Moulds and mildew will tend to recur oftentimes when the area is wet or dump. You have to keep scrubbing it off many times until it clears and keep the area dry. In the case that it persists, the professional will do a lab test to determine what the cause is and give you an idea of how to treat it.