Keeping Clients Loyal In Veterinary Practice

Posted on Jul 20 2017 - 9:32pm by Admin

Woman Showing Her Cat to a VetStudies show that millennials are opting for pets over parenthood, and their retiring parents are following suit. With the rising number of households with pets, the veterinary practice has become more competitive.

If you are one of the luckier ones, competition may be low. However, if you intend to put up your practice in the city, finding and keeping your clients may be a lot more difficult. How do the veterans do it? It is a mix of old fashioned techniques boosted by modern sensibilities.

Going the Extra Mile

Providing extra care and service helps keep clients from straying. The extra or free services need not be expensive; they can be in the form of cheaper supplies, veterinary reminder postcards, doggy wipes, and doggy bags. Clients often use these supplies, which help show that you care even for the small details.

People pass around items like these, which helps your pool of potential clientele grow. Veterinary reminder postcards you can buy from online vendors such as Positive Impressions, LLC and calendars also help show that you care for the welfare of their pets by reminding them of their next appointment.

Spoil your clients with these small efforts and giveaways.


Clients expect veterinarians to have the same degree of love and compassion for their animals. They demand that their doctors communicate kindness through words and action. When it comes down to difficult decisions, clients expect their veterinarians to advise them kindly and show sympathy.

While the medical practice may be cold and calculated for some, veterinary practice requires the doctor to wear the double persona of a competent physician and a caring family.

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Keeping Your Presence Felt

It still boils down to word of mouth and referrals. These referrals can come in many forms. It may be a direct referral by a friend or a relative, or a referral online. Keep your presence felt through online activities. You will be surprised at how many people engage services online.

Acknowledge messages and posts, hold contests whenever you hit a milestone.

Engage your clients and always seek out opportunities to show you care. You do not need to spend too much, just find the right activity and keep your service consistent.