Signed, Sealed, and Bubble-Wrapped: The Modern Trends in Packaging

Posted on May 31 2018 - 7:12pm by jc

Packaging Solution ServiceEver wondered how your deliveries got to your doorstep in good condition? It’s because businesses like shipping companies have to make sure that the things they deliver should be packed properly, so they won’t get negative reviews or get sued by irate clients. With the help of an industrial packaging company, parcels and packages today are delivered more securely than before.

Bubble Wraps

Everyone has probably encountered or played with bubble wraps, but they have a serious purpose when it comes to deliveries. Bubble wraps ensure that fragile objects aren’t broken while being shipped. Expensive breakable materials and devices like phones or laptops can be packed with bubble wrap.

Heat Sealers

Heat sealing is a process wherein materials like plastic are sealed using heat. This ensures that the product within the plastic is preserved, especially if the product is consumable such as food and vegetables. With heat sealers, food products can be delivered without getting spoiled or contaminated due to exposure to outside elements.

Stretch Film

Stretch film is normally used to wrap freight or other deliveries that are bundled together. Doing so ensures their stability while being delivered through planes, ships, or trucks. Parcels that are delivered with stretch films can be torn using the hands, while some larger deliveries might need a cutter to tear the stretch film apart.


Considered a portmanteau of ‘document wallet’ and ‘envelope’, doculopes are made of a material that’s resistant to outdoor elements like rain. This protects documents inside from getting wet as compared to using envelopes made of paper.

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The modern ways of packaging have helped businesses like shipping companies. Packaging solutions like bubble wraps, stretch film, heat sealing, or doculopes have proven that parcels or any cargo are delivered more securely than ever before. Without these, shipping companies wouldn’t be as modernised as they are today.