Spotting and Preventing Clogged Drains

Posted on Aug 11 2016 - 6:32am by Admin

Drain Repairs in Nelson CityClogged drains are messy and a huge problem for most residents. People fix it in different ways, such as relying on Google for DIYs or just letting professionals repair it. Some take their time to figure out what went wrong, while others wait for their licensed plumber from Tim Miller Plumbing to come and rescue them. It is a matter of preference, but it is better to identify the usual causes to prevent it from happening as much as possible.

Blocked Drain Prevention

There are a number of reasons for a blocked drain. It is mostly because of damaged or displaced pipes, as well as sinks and toilets. Never flush any kind of sanitary product in the toilet, as this is the usual cause of clogged drains. Prevent your family members from discarding coffee grounds in your sinks. They gather in the pipelines and stick together like concrete. It will build up, eventually causing clogs.

When planning on planting a tree, ensure that it is away from any drain to prevent any tree root infestation. Get a drainage plan from the Nelson City Council to help you know the safest area to plant a tree.

Frequently clean your waste catcher in the shower. Soap products combined with hair fall will lead to clogs in drains.

Inspecting for Problems

To identify if your drain is clogged, check if the water is slowly flowing in your bathroom, kitchen and shower drain. Other warning signs are a rotten odour in your home and a gurgling in the kitchen, basin or toilet. You will also find collapsed areas in your back or front yard, and the trash will overspill in your septic tanks.

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You can repair minor issues on your own using a plumber snake, hanger or acid based products. However, you must identify minor from serious ones to call a professional in time. Remember, it is better to have someone who knows what they are doing to prevent extra finances and damages.