The Power of Wooden Walls in Home Design

Posted on Feb 8 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

Home interior with wooden wallsWood has always played a huge role in home design. There were times when a whole living room was made of dark wood, from its walls to its furniture. As time passed by, people learned how to spread out the use of wood around the home. They played with its different textures, colors, and designs.

Today, accents of wood in a home have become popular. It could be as simple as a dark wood baseboard moulding for a white wall, or as extravagant as a herringbone wall treatment for an entire bedroom. Here’s a look at more wooden wall ideas that can work its magic in your home.

Rustic Pallet

This makes use of the rugged, natural look of wood pallets. Add them to the wall where your bed’s headboard is to accentuate the backdrop of your bedroom. It would also look good on the wall behind your toilet, giving your bathroom a touch of the country style.


Turn plain planks into a cool and casual wall. Paint some of them with different shades, and then sand them. Place them alternately with the plain planks, or with those that were painted dark or light. The color works well for your dining room or your teenager’s bedroom.

Mixed Wood

Gather different kinds of wood planks—aged, whitewashed, sanded, sanded and painted, stained or left natural. Mix them to make an eclectic wooden wall design. This works well on a loft wall, a bedroom, or one side of the living room where beanbags abound.

Incorporating wood in different parts of your house gives it a homier feel. It also adds warmth and texture to a plain room. So, the next time you think about spicing up a room in your house, think wood.

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