Effects of Drugs: What’s Wrong with Feeling Good or Better?

Posted on Jul 14 2017 - 3:07pm by Admin

Drug addict support group on a circleAt the beginning of drug use, you may feel that you can take control and believe that you’ll never be addicted. The sad part is, drug use can easily take over your life. If you continue to use it, you may find that some activities are less enjoyable, which will then prompt to take drugs to have an interest or feel normal.

Developing into Addiction

The thing with substance is that it changes how the brain works, including your attitudes and behaviors. Drug addiction recovery centers in Utah note that this is why you may feel the need to take drugs even though it causes problems in your personal and professional life. You may also want to take more frequent or higher doses in the early stages, which can develop into an addiction.

Impaired Sense of Control

The decision to try drugs is usually a voluntary behavior. If you continue to use them, your own sense of control will be compromised, which is can be start of an addiction. Studies suggest that the people who abuse drugs exhibit changes in brains, especially areas related to decision-making, learning, behavior control, and judgment.

Vulnerability to Addiction

There is no single factor that determines a person’s vulnerability to addiction. This varies from person to person, and there are several risk factors the increases the chance of drug use resulting in abuse and addiction. These include lack of parental guidance, aggressive behavior at a younger age, and poor social skills. Accessibility and availability of drugs and drug experimentation are also risk factors.

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Other Risk Factors

It is also important to keep in mind that earlier use of drugs is likely to cause serious problems in the future. This is because drugs have harmful effects on the developing brain. The method of taking drugs is another risk factor. Smoking or injecting the substance affects the brain instantly, creating an intense feeling of pleasure. This “high,” however, fades after a few minutes.

Preventing the early use of drugs is one of the best ways to prevent abuse and addiction. It is also important to get professional help and support when the problem is already present.