The Need For Cervical Spine Surgery

Posted on Jul 20 2017 - 6:54pm by Admin

Digital Image of a SpineWhat makes up the spinal column are the sacrum, the tailbone, and 24 vertebrae bones, which are separated by shock absorbing discs. These discs are the ones responsible for the flexibility of the spine to move and bend.

However, some people develop a cervical disc disease that may get better on their own with simple treatments or may need surgery.

What causes a cervical disc disease?

A cervical disc disease can develop when there is an abnormality in one or more discs, found between the neck bones, caused by arthritis or other unknown causes.

This can cause an inflammation or muscle spasm that can lead to chronic neck pain, but pain and numbness in the arms can also occur due to pressure on the cervical nerve roots in more severe cases. 

What is a cervical spine surgery?

A cervical spine surgery involves removing the disc that is putting pressure on the nerve on the spinal cord to relieve numbness, pain, tingling, and weakness. The surgeon can either remove the damaged disc or bone through the front or the back of the spine depending on where it is located.

Types of cervical spine surgery

A patient can go through an artificial cervical disc replacement or a cervical fusion, a procedure you can get from institutions such as Cervical Spine Institute.

With a cervical fusion, they fuse the bones together with a bone graft that could either be an autograft (bones taken from your own body or a cadaver) or an allograft (bones taken from a bone bank).

There are instances where doctors screw a metal plate onto the vertebrae to stabilize the spine further. Patients who opt for a disc replacement first still have an option to go through a cervical fusion later.

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However, if doctors do a cervical fusion first, it is no longer possible to put an artificial disc in the same spot later on.

In Conclusion

A cervical spine surgery is a very complicated procedure that involves many risks, such as an infection, excessive bleeding, chronic neck pain, and the nerves, spinal cord, esophagus, or vocal chords may also undergo damage.

Hence, you should only have an experienced and qualified cervical spine specialist do the procedure in Hurst, TX.