4 Etching Features of Laser Cutting Services You Should Know

Posted on Jul 11 2018 - 7:59pm by Admin

laser etching machineIrrespective of your type of business, you could use laser-etched products for brand marketing. Working with a laser-cutting service provider such as AP Lazer will help you determine the texts and pictures you should feed into the laser etching machine to create the most appropriate brand image for your business.

Typically, that will require you insist on the following:

Modes: Multi or Single

Single mode lasers provide a narrow beam size, but of high intensity. Thus, this laser beam can focus on a small area and are applicable where you need to create thin markings. Multimode lasers, on the other hand, have a larger diameter that can work on large spots.

Their beam is, however, of low intensity.

Quality of the Beam

The beam quality of laser cutters is a core factor in determining the processing capability of lasers. A laser of a higher beam quality has better resolution and etches materials much faster. Such lasers are most appropriate for working on harder surfaces such as granite.

Mark Resolution

Different machines have different resolution capabilities. Your fabricator will use the particular information of the products you want them to engrave and choose a tool that can create marks of single or varying width.


Using software automates the marking process. You will, therefore, receive your orders in the least possible time. Most of the software has a user-friendly user interface. However, it should be in a position to create text, import images, and convert the entries into usable information.

Some laser cutting service providers provide you with a platform to edit and customize the text or picture by yourself before they send the marking commands to the laser-etching machine.

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How well you have the brand markings of your company on heavy material such as granite and wood is critical to creating a lasting impression on your clients. It is advisable to engage a reputable fabricator that uses laser-cutting technology for precise, high-quality, and durable markings.