5 Cool Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture or Extend Its Life

Posted on Jun 5 2018 - 2:01am by jc

Antique FurnituresOld furniture is always due for a replacement, but they are often good enough for the garbage bin. Here are some ideas on how you can repurpose these old items in your home or extend the life of your furniture.

Welding Repair

Sometimes, all you have to do is bring the item to the nearest welding shops here in Edmonton and there, they can refasten or repair certain damaged parts. This is true for metal furniture or perhaps the metal frame of your sofa before having it reupholstered.

You’ll find that in the end, this is actually the cheaper option.

Corner Table as Stool

Corner tables are just the right size and height as a stool, making it perfect for sitting outdoors and enjoying the sun. Even better, most corner tables come with cabinets so you can actually use this for keeping items typically needed while hanging outside the house.

Bookcase Winery

If you have an old bookcase and want to replace it, why not turn it into wine storage? You can place the bookcase in the kitchen and put your favorite liquor inside along with shot glasses and wine glasses.

Repurposed to Planters

You can repurpose some kitchen items. For example, you can paint old pots and pans with bright colors and use them as planters. This becomes more viable if you’re getting rid of old jars because they already have holes in them, therefore making them ideal for draining water.

Old Closets to Vanity

You can also try dragging old closets to the bathroom and use it as a vanity or for storage of towels, toilet paper, and other items used primarily in the bath. This way, everything you need will be within easy reach. And you actually have more room to store hygiene materials.

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Of course, it’s important to note that old furniture isn’t always worth saving. If you have to spend more to keep the furniture instead of buying a brand new one, then take the cheaper option.