A Plough for All Seasons?

Posted on Dec 6 2017 - 9:42pm by Admin

Farm with the right ploughEveryone knows that machines make work easier. However, when it comes to farming, the wrong choice of a tool or machinery can be even more devastating than the lack of one. As such, farmers must be careful when choosing the machines they use. When it comes to ploughs, the choice depends on several factors: such as the size of the land, the kind of crop, and the layout of the property.

When you visit a farm equipment supplier, you will likely see several types of ploughs. If you don’t have the necessary information, it could lead you to purchase something unsuitable. Here are several options farmers often choose:


Moldboards are used to cut and lift soil for planting. A moldboard is a dull blade attached to a plough frame attached to a tractor. Traditionally, it was pulled by horses and is still used that way for farms that have no machinery. While efficient, moldboards present the danger of creating compacted soil. You must be careful that limit your plants’ roots for growth over time.


Like moldboards, chisels are tractor-pulled metal shanks attached to a frame used for turning soil for planting. They come in different sizes, and your choice will depend on the size of the tractor and the size of land in question. Chisels are the best choice if you are looking for less soil turnover. Farmers also get to choose from a variety of options.


Also known as harrow ploughs, disks are often used on rough, scrubby, or rocky land. They are also ideal for seed preparation. You can choose between disks with notched circles or plain disks. To determine the appropriate size, consider the type of soil and the crop that you want to plant.

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In the end, your choice will be as important as all other farming decisions. There are many options, but you should choose the right kind of plough for the work you intend to accomplish.