Anti-Slip Mat: Prevent Accident and Protect the Flooring All-In-One

Posted on Jul 6 2018 - 4:33am by Admin

Anti-Slip MatOne of the most common things you will see when you enter a building, in movie theatres, inside the washroom, and even in the corridors of a hospital is a properly installed anti-slip mat. And when you go up and down the stairs, you will see this non-slip stainless steel stair nosing; the same concept actually applies.

Safety Precautions

Through the years, the use of anti-slip mats has grown exponentially due to safety precautions. Safety, safety and always safety, no one should take it for granted because there is no “take two” when it comes to your life.

Installing these safety precautions effectively reduces the risk of slipping, skidding or falling down the stairs.

Additional Protection

Another reason to install anti-slip mat and stair nosing is to protect the floor and stairs from the daily brunt of wear and tear traffic. It serves as a carpet where it helps minimise the scratches from the strollers of the cleaning cart. It can also ease the tension caused by the many people passing by.

What’s more, it can relieve the weight of the heavy pushcarts and trolleys plying back and forth which could cause breakage on the tile flooring. Better yet, these carts will not be able to leave stains.

Easy to Fix

While it serves like a carpet, it is not the same when replacing damages. In reality, when the carpet suffers damage, you tend to replace a big portion to ensure that it looks pretty decent; worse comes to worst, you have to replace the entire carpet. Simply patching up a damaged carpet does not seem to fix the problem.

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Anti-slip mat is different; it is like piecing together pieces of puzzles, so you do not need to replace a large amount when it suffers damage. And it is much cheaper than carpet! Plus, it is much easier when replacement stair nosing because it is just a strip.

So you see, anti-slip mat and stair nosing works in two different ways. It helps reduce the risk of accident while it also protects the floor and stairs.