Building Awesome Walls and Taking Interior Cladding to the Next Level

Posted on Jan 25 2017 - 5:12pm by Admin

Wall RenovationInnovation in interior design is driving the industry in New Zealand. These days, you can hire a professional to create a unique work of art that will be the envy of your neighbours. If your budget is limited, you can forgo the labour expenses and apply the cladding material yourself — that is, after priming the wall properly.

If you are currently planning for an architectural project, consider these two suggestions for new homeowners keen on making a statement with their interiors.

From Artificial to Natural

A wall that is inspiring and has its own character is not difficult to put up with natural materials. The extraordinary charm of natural building materials escapes no one. Even people with contemporary tastes find themselves drawn to hardwood and natural stone. Builders favour them because of their durability and versatility, although they can be difficult to work with. Textures and colours vary, so take your time working out the theme.

Afterward, choose the product that fits the budget and aesthetic requirements. If you can find a good and reliable supplier of stone wall cladding such as Vidaspace, you must make the most of the opportunity.

Your Personality on Display

An eye-catching wall is what you want. However, you do not want to overwhelm anyone with a wall that causes sensory overload. To make a memorable statement that is not overboard, start working on a design that is close to your heart.

Let your personality guide you in making choices, such as in laying out the base panels, and in choosing the shape and size of the tiles or cladding sheets for the wall. Creating a display highlighting your personality is always an option when planning for the interiors of your new home.

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Looking for design ideas is a great way to expand your options. Nonetheless, consider the enduring charm of the classic, natural materials. In addition, remember to infuse your personality on the wall cladding design that will define your new home.