Farming at Night: Saving Costs the Unconventional Way

Posted on Dec 12 2017 - 1:55pm by Admin

A tractor used for farmingWorking at a farm and want to save? You’ll be glad to know that it’s possible to reduce costs by doing some of your work during nighttime. While one of the biggest barriers to working at night is the lack of lighting, Tow Mart says that you can simply use farm tractor lights to solve this problem. In terms of the saving part, here are some ways you can cut down costs:

Less Utility Costs

As water doesn’t evaporate easily due to the absence of heat caused by sunlight, costs incurred for watering plants can go down. These lessened costs for water may outweigh the costs used in the maintenance of your lights. Most of these are available in light emitting diodes (LED), which uses only 20% to 25% of energy. In addition, they can last up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs. Money saved on lights may be allocated for other things like fertilizer.

Fewer accidents

It has been said that working during hot temperatures can either make you sleepy, especially after a meal, or easily tired. This may increase the risks of accidents, which could lead to minor or major injuries or worse, even death.

Fewer illnesses

While sunlight has its benefits, it also has its harmful effects on the body. First, harsh rays emitted by sunlight may cause heatstroke on farmers. This may lead to an altered mental state, which could cause accidents, especially when handling machinery. Complications may include organ damage or even death. Also, when not adequately clothed, sunlight may cause skin cancer. Dehydration is less likely to happen in a cooler environment, so nighttime is an ideal environment.

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An increase in profits may lead to business expansion. Many farmers are considering this strategy due to its increased utility and possible health costs however they may find it unconventional.