Frame Material Options for Louvered Roofing Systems

Posted on Oct 26 2018 - 1:00am by jc

placement of asphalt shinglesMost people are now extending their living spaces beyond their four walls. As such, patios now make the best place for entertaining. This is because they have unlimited space, allow you to benefit from the fresh outdoors, and can be customised in different ways.

Louvered roofs are the best choice for outdoor spaces. These have frames with spaces between them that can be adjusted to different angles, allowing you to alter the sunlight and breeze that passes through them. The material for your frames is among the most vital elements to pick when buying louvered roofing systems. Here are some of your options:


This is the ideal choice for property owners aiming for a luxurious look with their outdoor spaces. The glass often used for louvered roofs undergoes different treatments to harden it and enhance its durability and safety. Rather than standard glass panels, you can opt for rotating ones that open up and sideways to make your louvered roof unique.


This is the common metal option for louvered roof frames. Aluminium is a versatile and low-cost material that can be customised into different shapes and spaces easily. It is also lightweight, corrosion- and rust-resistant, eco-friendly, and incredibly durable. You can customise aluminium in different colours and finishes to match your outdoors without changing its efficiency.


Though not common, wood is also an option for your roofing frames. The timber used in this instance is generally hardwood, treated to make it weather-, insect-, and rot-resistant. Though costly, wooden frames will give your patio an ageless look. They can be easily painted to customise their look.

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The louvered roofing systems mentioned above are not ideal for only patios but also for pergolas, gazebos, courtyards, and sunrooms. They can also be used in a range of climatic conditions provided they are professionally installed. Some states might require a permit for louvered roof installation. Therefore, make sure that you check your local regulations.