Importance of Safety Mats in Workspaces

Posted on Jun 6 2017 - 9:08pm by Admin

Classic stripe mat for floorOne key factor to consider for a productive staff is providing a safe atmosphere for work. Companies such as Mattek know that each working environment has its set of safety hazards, and a good way to prevent accidents is the smart use of safety mats where it is needed.

Safety mats are used to avoid slips, trips and falls that could cause cuts, bruises, fractures, musculoskeletal injuries and, in some cases, death. Choosing the right kind is easy as long as you keep in mind the existing hazards in your industry.

Non-slip Rubber Mats

Many companies place this type in areas with high foot traffic, regardless of whether it is inside or outside your work area. It is also used for wet areas like kitchens and food production lines to reduce the risk of accidents. Non-slip mats must be installed correctly because the friction between the mat and your shoes can move it from its place and cause trips.

Anti-fatigue Mats

Also called comfort mats, these reduce the stress on the feet, and some are even designed to improve blood circulation. It is usually set in dry areas and made of rubber or foam for comfort. This is perfect for counters and checkouts where employees need to stand for an extended period.

Bi-level Mats

Bi-level mats have two layers that are effective for capturing soil and other debris from footwear. These mats scrape the dirt off and then trap it under the lower layer of the mat. This is the type you normally see in entrances of establishments. This mat also has non-slip properties and helps prevent slippery floors due to mud and grease. You could also place bi-level mats in areas that should not be contaminated by soil. They are also useful in manufacturing lines where grease and oil are present.

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