Improve Security in an Apartment Complex with These 2 Moves

Posted on Jul 2 2018 - 8:42am by Admin

Man installing lock mechanismPeople treasure their homes, and to this end, they go to great lengths to get a place in the most secure neighbourhood. Their home is where they go to escape the hassle of everyday living and as such, they crave total control.

Tending to this need keeps your apartment complex full and the waiting list long. Surprisingly, keeping your facility safe doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. With the help of reputable commercial door hardware suppliers, you can secure your entryways.

Get Top Shelf Locks

In buying locks, you get what you pay for, and it has a great bearing on how secure your facility becomes. Flimsy door locks will give a semblance of security, but they are only one kick away from an intruder gaining entry.

Instead of latching on the first lock you lay your hands on, do a little bit of research. That way, you get insights into the various types of locks available as well as their strengths and uses. Typically, the kind of threat that you’re likely to face should inform your choice of security measures. If there’s a great threat of forced entry, you’re better off with one that uses a deadbolt system. If the threat is covert, consider locks with bump key protection.

Get Apt Window Security Measures

As much as people have deep running concerns over security, they’re readily turned off by the sight of barred windows. Where bars do increase security, they evoke the image of a prison cell and proclaim the neighbourhood as a high-security risk.

Instead of running the aesthetic appeal, settle for the subtler, yet effective ways to secure these entry points. Other than the top of the range locks, consider using window security films to make the panes shatterproof.

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You have a duty to keep the tenants in your apartment complex safe and secure. Securing the entryways to your complex with top-notch locks makes a great start.