Keep Safe: Reinforcing and Burglar-Proofing the Doors of Your Business Establishment

Posted on Aug 18 2016 - 6:59am by Admin

Burglar in IllinoisSmall businesses are prime targets for break-in robberies. Burglars often strike at night when many stores have closed for the day. Not every business owner can comfortably afford a security guard; nonetheless, protecting your business from unexpected break-ins should be high on your priority list. 

Here are some of the ways you can reinforce and burglarproof the doors of your business premise:

Upgrade your locks

A door is only as strong as its locks. Therefore, if the locks are sub-par, your door can easily be broken down and burglars will gain entry into your store. You can upgrade the security of your door by installing deadbolts and more secure locks such as a dead-latch cylinder lock. 

Goldy Locks, Inc. recommends hiring a professional commercial locksmith in Chicago or anywhere in your area to do the proper installations. If not, your establishment might still fall victim because of poor quality locks — or worse, your shady locksmith giving away the keys.

Have strong doorframes

The doorframe is crucial for strength. A sophisticated lock system is not enough; a burglar can still gain access to your store because the frames around the door are weak. Get a professional to assess the strength of the frames and let them give you advice accordingly. In addition, if you have sliding doors, you need to have special anti-burglary devices installed to prevent removal of their frames.

Consider smart locks

Another way of reinforcing the security to your entry door is by using smart locks. Smart locks let you open your door using a finger scan, keypad, or your mobile device. This means that you are the only person who can open the doors to your store.

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Install a peel-and-stick alarm on your door

Having a peel-and-stick alarm system installed on your door is an effective way you can deter break-ins. This alarm will go off when it senses the door open or vibrations if the glass of the door breaks. In addition, ensure that there is good lighting around the door area. Burglars do not want people seeing them. Therefore, an alarm going off and attracting attention from the neighborhood is one of their biggest fears.

With these reinforcements in place, your business is more secure against burglary and you do not have to worry so much about going at a loss because of the same.