Selecting The Right Storage Tank for Your Needs

Posted on Mar 25 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Top view of a storage tankWhether you are storing liquid because you wish to live off the grid or simply because you prefer to secure your supply in case of an emergency, you will need the appropriate holding facility. Depending on your needs, you may choose to use permanent or fixed storage tanks or temporary, collapsible ones.

It pays to purchase from established tank manufacturers, moreover, as they can provide you with more options such as API 650 storage tanks of various sizes.

Storage Tank Types

Corrugated steel tanks and welded steel tanks are both long-lasting and are can be used for multiple applications. Most companies can easily customize the size and shape of these tanks to suit your needs.

Fiberglass tanks are just as durable as steel tanks, only, they are non-corrosive and temperature resistant. To ensure it can safely hold the liquid you need to store, manufacturers provide a coating that suits your requirements.

Polyethylene or poly tanks are commonly used for storing drinking water and collecting rainwater and they are usually placed above ground or used as a mobile tank.

Choose What Suits Your Needs

When selecting a storage tank, the first step is to know the local laws regarding what you can and cannot store within your property. You also need to note the following:

  1. Storage capacity— How much liquid do you need to store?
  2. Type of liquid—Your storage tank must comply to API 650 Specifications, especially if you intend to store oil or petroleum products.
  3. Nature of the liquid— You should know the product’s composition,and how it reacts in certain environments, as both the pH level and temperature of the liquid stored can affect the performance of the storage tank.
  4. Extra processes—It pays to know how you intend to use the storage tank, especially if you intend to attach it to any other processing equipment.
  5. Warranty— Depending on the manufacturer, tanks usually come with warranties. Asking for the warranty is particularly important to ensure general safety.
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Discuss your requirements with your tank provider to make sure you will get the type that suits your requirements. Invite them for a site visit so they can personally inspect the area and give their suggestions or recommendations. Remember that an honest and straightforward discussion of your needs is the best way to secure the best storage option for you.