Tips on Maintaining Optimum Safety in Oil and Gas Facilities

Posted on May 29 2018 - 4:18am by Admin

Safety GearWorking in the oil and gas industries can be challenging especially when it comes to maintaining health and workplace safety. However, with this article, creating and keeping a safe workplace becomes within reach. We’ll cover information toward total workplace safety, from infrastructure to workers’ essentials.

Build an accident-proof infrastructure.

Being in the oil and gas industries can expose workers to a harmful environment. Since it uses a facility that processes chemicals and gases, it can pose a health risk. However, this is very much avoidable through building an accident-proof infrastructure.

Installing leak-proof and corrosion-resistant stainless steel pipe fittings and containers can go a long way in keeping a safe workplace. Also, building infrastructure with a strong foundation avoids the likeliness of calamities such as floods and earthquakes from creating chemical spills and leaks.

Knowledge is the key to safety.

Aside from a well-built infrastructure, knowledge is also a powerful tool toward workplace safety. As long as everyone in the workplace knows the dos and don’ts, every worker has the power to keep himself and everyone away from danger.

Thus, proper education, especially on equipment operation, should be administered to workers to ensure smooth and safe procedures. Posting safety instructions wherever available also keeps workers continually guided even while on the job.

Wear protective gear and clothing.

Substances such as oil and gas catch fire easily. Thus, to protect yourself from a fire happenstance, it’s always best to wear FR (flame-resistant) clothing.

FR clothing can resist or even distinguish fire in contact. It cannot be easily torn or slit, and it doesn’t melt on the skin.

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Wearing this along with protective gloves, footwear, eyewear, mask, and hard hat is the easiest way to keep safe in the workplace.


With this guide, maintaining optimum safety in the workplace becomes an easy task. For reliable stainless steel pipe fittings, contact professional providers.