Top Benefits of Concrete Surface Retarders and Other Admixtures

Posted on Jan 8 2018 - 9:31am by Admin

man laying bricksOver the years, there has been a gradual acceptance of water retarding admixtures in building and construction applications. WRAs mainly fall under the following five broad categories: accelerators, concrete surface retarders, superplasticisers, water reducers and air entrainers.

Following modern developments in the building industry, manufacturers of construction products are designing water retarding admixture solutions of a higher quality with every product release in the market.

Still, more and more architects, contractors, civil engineers and manufacturers and their suppliers are engaging in thorough discussions to find methods of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of use of WRAs.

But, even with these prospects, it is clear that these WRAs come with the following benefits.

Accelerator Benefits

If you are working on concrete structures during winter, you will find these admixtures to be very helpful in hastening formwork removal and avoiding precast defects.

Retarder Benefits

In instances where you have a concrete construction project during summer or other hot days, it is critical you extend the setting time of the concrete that you are placing. One of the best ways to do so is by reducing the rate of hydration, which makes retarders an excellent solution.

Superplasticiser Benefits

This WRA increases the workability of concrete by reducing water-to-cement ratios.

Water Reducer Benefits

These admixtures are very vital in ensuring your concrete moulds are of the highest degree of workability. That will guarantee the structures you construct are of high structural integrity, durability and strength.

Air Entrainer Benefits

These WRAs improve concrete durability by making it resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.

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Concrete surface retarders, accelerators, air entrainers, superplasticisers, and water reducers play a central role in ensuring concrete structures are of the highest quality. That, however, does not mean you can get the best of these supplies from any dealer.

You will need to consider the level of reputation of your supplier and the rate of referrals that he or she has before placing your order.