Types of Stair Nosings and Why You Should Use Them

Posted on Nov 12 2018 - 9:34am by Admin

White floating staircase design with the wooden backgroundWhen planning to construct a staircase, stainless steel anti-slip nosings are among the items a property owner buys. Other than being a part of the structural details of a staircase, nosings perform a variety of tasks.

Amco.net.au discusses some of them, along with the types of nosings you can choose from.

Stair Protection

Nosings protect the stair treads against wear and tear or damage due to frequent use. When climbing down or up the stairs, individuals step on the tread and that exposes the treads to wear and tear. Minimal damage means you will have minimal maintenance to conduct on your stairs.

Increased Visibility

Studies show that there are people who sustain injuries after missing steps on the stairs or judging the width of the stairs wrongly. Nosings increase the visibility of stair treads, showing where the tread starts and ends. That will minimise accidents when there is minimal lighting on the staircases or when individuals with vision problems are using the stairs.

Stair Safety

The main goal of nosings is to ensure the safety for all the users of the staircase. The nosing protrudes over the tread, giving the user enough space to tread upon. That makes walking on the stairs comfortable while minimising the risks of falls or slips.

Here are your top options when it comes to nosings:

Pencil Round

These nosings take the shape of a pencil, which is laid across the stair tread. The nosing can be stained to complement the look of the stair.


You are likely to spot these nosings in modern homes. The nosing has a protrusion over the tread, but it is high enough to prevent tripping on the stairs.

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No overhang

These nosings are popular among property owners, as they offer a seamless transition between the stair treads. The nosing sits together with the stair treads and there are minimal chances of tripping on the stairs.

Whether you want to install stairs in residential or commercial property, stainless steel anti-slip nosings are a critical feature to ensure the overall safety of stair users. These likewise improve the overall appearance of the stairs.