Using Bubble Wraps: What’s In It For You

Posted on Jul 21 2017 - 1:57pm by Admin

Man Holding Bubble Wrap

Bubble wraps are created by placing air bubbles in between two plastic layers, giving them the ability to absorb shock when used as part of the packaging. Their efficiency has made them a common trend among manufacturers who are looking for protective packaging solutions.

Their biggest advantage as a protective packaging solution is their versatility; you can use them for small and large products. This is not the only benefit that they can offer, though. Read on to find out more.

They Allow You to Save on Shipping Costs

Manufacturers are constantly faced with the decision of either parting with the safety of their product during transportation or having to increase their shipping cost budget to cater for protective packaging. Most of them choose the latter and use big shipping boxes. Little do they know that using bubble wraps instead of the big boxes will keep their products safe at a minimal cost.

Bubble wraps are not only affordable; they also do not increase the weight of the packaging. This results in reduced shipping and packaging costs.

They Are Transparent

It is natural for your clients to want to know if their package has been damaged and if you shipped the product that they had ordered. Bubble wraps tend to make this process easy for they are transparent. The short time needed to confirm the state of the goods helps increase the efficiency of the delivery process, allowing you to make more drops.

They Are Moisture Resistant

Most protective packaging solutions tend to protect the product from harm resulting from a fall or collision during transportation. Whilst bubble wraps do the same, they likewise protect your goods from moisture. Their ability to resist moisture mostly benefits businesses that transport electronics.

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Perhaps the best thing about bubble wraps is that you can use them with other methods to make them more effective. Using them as protective packaging solutions will not only allow you to save on costs; it will also help you deliver goods to their destination safely.