What Boat Enthusiasts Should Know When Buying New and Used Vessels

Posted on Jan 3 2018 - 9:22am by Admin

Guy driving his boatMost first-time buyers of boats should know that it takes between six and 14 weeks to acquire a new vessel, especially if you placed special orders to the manufacturer.

This caused some people to consider buying second-hand vessels, as you almost instantly get your hands on them. But be aware that acquiring used boats involves some risks. It is, therefore, important to be careful when shopping for a used boat.

Inspecting Used Boats

Some buyers intentionally avoid buying new boats even if these can be procured immediately, as cost compels them to consider the used boat market. A stretched budget is another reason to buy a used boat because the money they save can be spent on a bass tracker cover or other boat accessories, or for customizing the electrical system.

This option, however, requires you to be extra vigilant since some storm-damaged boats with poor repair work have already hit the market. The Boat Owners Association of The United States advised buyers to get a Condition and Value survey, which informs you about all the necessary repairs done to a damaged vessel.

Boat Purchases

If you plan to buy a fiberglass boat, you may need to wait longer because of the manufacturing process. Aluminum boats face the same problem and the issue of delivery time inadvertently causes dealers to lose potential business.

Some manufacturers have decided to mass produce vessels to meet the increasing demand despite offering a limited number of colors and features. You may need to sacrifice certain electronics system when buying a mass-produced vessel if you dislike waiting for too long to drive a boat. The solution for this would require you to have your boat customized after buying it.

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Whether you plan to buy a new or used boat, there will be certain benefits and disadvantages. Would you wait for up to three months to have a new boat or simply buy a used one? Weigh your options and determine how long you can wait and how you would want to use the boat. Talking to an expert would also help you make the right decision.