Why Innovation in Quarrying Is No Longer Just a Fad in Australia

Posted on Oct 20 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

Quarrying in gravel pitSustainable and innovative construction equipment will help Australia’s quarrying industry achieve a better perception from the public, and this requires different tools.

The need for modern equipment stems from the possibility of having fewer workers in the industry. Many companies have avoided this by using new on-site resources such as Selwood pumps for dewatering purposes and laser scanning for better surveying work.

Workforce Recruitment

Technological innovations have begun to gain traction in the quarrying industry because more companies have to replace an ageing workplace population. Some of these developments aim to improve safety in the workplace.

The industry’s negative reputation results from its dangerous working environment similar to that of the mining industry, but the latter has made more progressive strides in adopting new technology to protect its workers.

Broader Investment

An investment in new on-site equipment doesn’t have to be all about workforce recruitment and better safety. Australia’s construction sector continues to boom, particularly in the residential property sector due to a growing population.

In some states like Victoria, the demand for sustainable home construction will eventually drive the need for more building materials. Hence, it only makes sense that your business has equipment that lets you save money and time. For instance, some light detection and ranging (LiDAR) systems can survey quarry sites by up to one million measurements per second. A more accurate analysis leads to a better stockpile of materials, which results in a higher chance of supplying items to more customers.

The use of sustainable and modern on-site equipment has become a fundamental part of operations in the extractive sector. Companies that want to attract new workers, save on costs, and improve their operational efficiency should consider investing in these tools, as the demand for construction will only continue to increase in the future.

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