4 Great Benefits of Using Plastic Tanks

Posted on Jun 27 2018 - 8:43am by jc

Man filling up the plastic tankIf you’re looking for a safer and more durable water collection or water storage system, a plastic tank is a great option for any of your water storing requirements. Here are four of the many benefits of using a plastic water tank.

Simple Maintenance

Plastic tanks, more popularly known as poly water tanks, require minimal to almost no maintenance at all. This is because the material it’s made with is impervious to corrosion and micro cracks. As such, it lasts longer with less effort in the maintenance department, so it spends more time being in use compared to other tanks that go through a downtime for maintenance or repair.

Easy Installation

This type of tank is easy to install because of its lightweight material. It’s easier to transport, manoeuvre, and position it during installation, as there’s no fear of cracking or denting it. It can fit even in tight spaces and still hold as much water like a regular, traditional water tank.

Cost Effective

Lightweight material means lower shipping fees. Easy installation of the product means less special tools needed and quicker setup. Low maintenance requirement means more savings. All of these benefits translate to a significant amount of savings, making plastic tanks an excellent investment for your water storage requirements.

Food Grade Safe

These tanks are made with durable food-grade, BPA-free polyethylene plastic making it an ideal and safer water storage system. It’s the best type of tank to use for storing rainwater collection or even drinking water. Plastic tanks are lead-free and zinc-free, which ensures the taste of the water isn’t affected by any of these elements through time in storage.

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These are only four of the many benefits of using a poly water tank for your rainwater collection or drinking water storing needs. If you’re looking to change or install a new water tank for your home, this water tank is definitely a great investment.