4 Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Be Adventurous

Posted on Apr 25 2018 - 1:00am by jc

teenage outdoor activityDo you notice your teenagers showing a lack of interest in things they used to enjoy? Do they spend more time staring at the screen of their gadget than looking out their window or looking at you? These are signs that your teen has been spending too much time online and too little time discovering the real, physical world. More than one-third of British 15-year-olds have been classified as extreme internet users. It’s high time that they learned the real adventures of life. Take them on a ghost hunting tour or take them out on a daytime walk in the wilderness. Here are 4 ways to teach your teen how to be more adventurous.

Set a camping trip at least twice a year

Camping teaches independence, initiative and resourcefulness. Make each trip last at least 2 days and don’t bring a camping stove. Teach your children the simplicity of how to make a fire, to pitch a tent and to sleep on the ground.

Take them to restaurants with different cuisines

Exposing your kids to food from other countries can definitely pique their interest in other cultures. Try new food items together. If you don’t like it, at least you can say you’ve tried it.

Go bug hunting

Go bug hunting and teach your child how not to be squeamish about insects. Catch dragonflies or butterflies with them, or let a caterpillar crawl up their arm. If they see that you’re okay with it, they’ll probably have more courage to try it on their own.

Teach them how to scuba dive

There’s a totally different world to introduce to your teens under the water. Take lessons together and become licensed scuba divers.

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Even if they say they’re learning about different things on the internet, experiencing these things first-hand is way better. Set an example and tell them about your adventures when you were a kid and all you had were your sneakers and the great outdoors. Teach them that there’s more to life than social media and TV series bingeing. These are the teens who’ll grow up with love and appreciation for life.