Finding Pallet Racking Systems That Will Best Meet Your Material Handling Needs

Posted on Aug 23 2018 - 5:06am by Admin

pile of boxes on racksYour warehouse racking system has been proving itself to be essential for efficient warehouse operations, such as storage and material handling. It’s crucial that you, however, diversify this system to enjoy the benefits that its other solutions offer. One of these is the warehouse pallet racking system, which comes in upright frames and horizontal beams that hold pallets.

Why Pallet Racking Systems?

The standard height of a racking system is about 25 feet, but with pallet racking solutions, you can go as high as your material handling needs demand. The main categories of these storage solutions are:

High-Density Racks

High-density racks offer better space usage, but with limited access to stored goods. You can classify these racks further into.

Drive-through System

This system allows you to drive through the rack system without affecting other warehouse operations or exposing your employees to safety risks. With this system, you will have quick access to the racks from whichever side. Also, it is possible to undertake the FIFO mechanism for material handling.

Drive-in System

This system supports a lot of material handling space for stored items, and your trucks can drive in your storage bay, place loads in the respective position, and drive away with ease. Having no distractions between the bays, you can make it easier to navigate through the space between the racks.

Low-Density Rack

Similar to heavy density racks, low-density racking allows access to stored goods, but further categories include.

Single Deep System

This system is among the most cost-effective options, as it has many aisles that allow you to use lift trucks for facilitating storing operations.

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Double Deep System

This system offers more storage capacity than the single deep type, but it’s less accessible. You only can store one pallet behind another, making it suitable for LIFO handling of goods.

While there are standard sizes for pallet racks, you can bend the rules when using warehouse pallet racking systems as long as you maintain safety standards. Therefore, you can alter the size of the racking system, the bonding method of the steel frames, and the placement of the frames to suit your intended application.